Guess Who?

So I just made tea to the most politest artist out of Kenya…..scratch polite……humble will do.

Who? I hear you ask.

Well, this blog entry is still attracting people to comment….more than 2 years after I put it up.

Yep, the still reigning King of Genge graced us with his presence.

On his second UK tour, Juacali is in the here to promote his new album Ngeli ya Genge with a stint of performances here and there.

Tomorrow he will performing in Birmingham and then in Leicester on Saturday.

He will be in London on the 7th of Nov (details to follow).

Also he will be rocking the gettosoul Clothing Co. merchandise. Look out for that.

Off to edit the pics……

Juacali – Ngeli ya Genge

B…..thanks for coming through!

3 thoughts on “Guess Who?”

  1. He sure is humble. He lives just at the entrance to our court, and the one thing that I appreceate is that he does not have groupies and he mingles with the folks mpaka the local supermarket guy has several branded t-shirts that he is always wearing.

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