CreativePro ExFLOP

So, I went for the CreativePro Expo (renamed from MacExpo) on Saturday and my disappointed from last year’s show is still there, if not worse.

What is happening to the expo every year I visit?

Ever since Apple pulled out, the show has become a huge disappointment. Even with free tickets, I still felt robbed. Afterall, I spared my time.

Compared to the 2006 expo, 2007 was small and this year it was even smaller. Even attendance was at an all time low. Credit crunch? EEEEHHHH….we can’t keep using this excuse. Afterall, aren’t expos supposed to be for people to see and test the products before purchasing them? Christmas is around the corner.

The only big company that showed their products and I was interested in was Adode as they have now released CS4. Looks like every year, companies keep pulling out, like Quark, HP, etc.

So Linux was at the expo this year. Hence the show being renamed CreativePro Expo. As I don’t use Linux, I quickly zoomed passed their stands and even there presence was lacking.

Towards the end of the day (shocked that I stayed), as they announced the end of the show, some of the exhibitors actually high fived each other.

Perhaps to celebrate the end of a boring expo?

Will I return next year? NO!


3 thoughts on “CreativePro ExFLOP”

  1. It should have been a success. You don’t use Linux? You are missing a lot. Recently used it and I just love the new’s a refreshing alternative to Windows..

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