Why lie, I think part one for the above named has to be my most commented on and visited threads in my blog.

People from all walks of (Kenyan) life have basically googled Jua Cali’s name which has lead them to my blog and to my ‘fake’ crowning naming him the King of Genge. Basically, I think that status has stuck coz after his third visit to London while on his European tour, he has (in my books) retained and polished that crown rather well….very well infact.

So, as you might have guessed, I was at Jua Cali’s London gig that happened on Friday, 7th Nov 2008 at Club Afrique in Eastside of London and he, as usual, did not disappoint.

After rugby 7s, the highlight of the summer 2008, Jua Cali’s gig was the highlight of Autumn and Winter 2008.

From the moment he went on stage up until his final song, Jua Cali rocked the crowd. The highlight for Jua Cali and his adoring London fans was him singing (‘for the first time on stage’ – his words, not mine) the track “Niimbie” . His second single from his second album Ngeli ya Genge. This went down well as he had a beautiful mami from the crowd to help him out with the chorus.

Jua Cali is one of the best musicians Kenya has produced and he carries himself in private and public with alot of respect for himself and his fans. A down to earth artist who hasn’t let fame get to his head. An artist who always looks back to where he has come from and never forgets. As this is one of the qualities that keep him grounded.

This is one artist who is also greatful for his fans, coz without them, he wouldn’t be who he is today. An artist recognised through MOBOs, Chaguo la Teenies, KORAs, EMAs, KISIMAs, etc. nominations and awards.

Jua Cali, you are indeed the King of Genge. IT IS OFFICIAL!

29 thoughts on “KING OF GENGE – Part Two”

  1. I concur with phassie on concuring with you Mocha…there is no debate, Jua Cali is kenya’s best rapper alive!

    Plus if he is humble and respectful it can only add to his cred.

  2. I concur with you concurers? At some point I quit listening to Kenyan music (read genge & kapuka) coz nowadays the rubbish outweighs the solid stuff. But Jua Cali is a world apart. So far the tracks I’ve heard from the “Ngeli ya Genge” album are timam. Now to purchase the album itself!

  3. yeaahh it was the bomb…
    ohh the young ladiee who helped her wit the chorus
    is jennifer ma g0od friend,,:)
    wen is the nxt celeb comin??

  4. @vybes….I have to disagree with you there coz Juacali raps in Swa and Sheng staying true to Kenyan ‘hood’ youth culture and roots. His music is what majority of Kenyan youths are used to and live by.

    Bamboo on the other hand can rhyme, but he is too ‘American’ in his raps and lyrics.

    His tracks ‘Bamboo Bumaye’, ‘Curious’ and ‘Snitch’ especially prove this point.

    Juacali, on the other hand, created a sound Kenyans can identify with…Genge! Bamboo je?

  5. @Mocha, Bamboo is to Kapuka as Jua Cali is to Genge. Bamboo started rapping early both in swa and sheng…remember his tracks like “Compee” , “Ka-Binti”, “Nisamehe”…the guy is diverse and why lie, he is also dope in free styling (Jua Cali can’t match). I know most people won’t agree with me but Bamboo can be compared to Lil Weezy.

    Other kenyan artist almost in his category are the likes of Prezzo and Abbas.

    Do yu kno even Mejja rapping skills are better than Jua Cali?? Am not hating on Jua Cali but that’s the truth.

    Here is my list of best rappers in Kenya…..

    Jua Cali

  6. yes i disagreee wit u vybes… ati bamboo..
    dude u must be trippin go listen to jaukali
    then compare him wit bamboo.. thats jst a big

  7. @vybes……wacha hata Bamboo, umekuja hapa kumention Prezzo of all people? Now you are REALLY trippin’!

    I can’t say anything about Mejja…but I have heard good things and I shall be looking for his music.

    As for your list……BS!!!

  8. ngoja…ngoja..ngoja

    whoever mentioned PREZZO ashindwe…ashindwe…ashindwe tena…RISWA….dude i will bet all my pairs of shoes, tees,pencils, crayons, paint, action figures and sketchbooks [all these things are my favourite things]that prezzo is bollox, bloody bure, an ear sore…even if the crown being contested was made of an upside down pekele, i would protest naked in winter to make sure prezzo asipatiwe…had to say that

    vybes, bamboo is a legend….rudi further than nisamehe na binti…you just need to hear NYAMA and THE RYHTHM to understand that Bamboo was waaay ahead of his time and in some elements he still is. Mpaka I had nyama as my ringtone until kiasi came along lol.However, skiza stuff like blood remix and then you pause and ponder nikii bamboo, what are you on about. Bamboo for me has a hit and miss formula, 2 hits, 3 misses, 3 hits, 2 misses and so forth and so on, lack of consistency is what makes me think he cannot hold the crown.

    Jua Cali on the other hand has like a…nyama ya ulimi formula…dude yaani once your hear his voice, the wax melts kiasi to allow you to get closer to the entire content of what he is trying to put across. I have not heard a J.C track that I do not like. Delivery and content wise J.C is a kagenius, apparently he received an award for the lyrics for Kiasi, look into this more, cant really confirm but there could be an element of truth in it,

    Bamboo has history and experience, Jua Cali is making history and revelling in the experience…just check the performances hes heard and the crowd speaks volumes.

    If E-sir was alive, that would be another story…but for now and for me J.C reigns supreme…not kiasi like Bamboo

  9. Vybes pliiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    This post makes me feel I should go back to hip hop blogging. Damn how do you say that Bamboo started with Compee and that Bamboo is kapuka! I shouldnt even argue on this. I’ll not even rip you for mentioning Prezzo. Shit what the hell! How do you even compare Bamboo to Lil Wayne! Ngai Ngai Ngai Ngai fafafafa! No no no no! You must be 16 or there about. Ok, thats not an insult just an observation. Actually Bamboo started to fall of when he did compee. Matter of fact, this gaves me an idea for a post.

    Ooh this was about Jua Cali. Kind of Genge yes. The good thing with him is, if he is talking ish, he has a way of saying it and you still like him. He has charisma and right now everything is going well for that boy. Its the blessings of being loyal and down to earth. I have followed him with loyalty from Ruka, Asali, Vile ntafanya, Mtu Saba always leaves me smiling and nodding.

  10. Just to point it out to those not inclined to hip hop, you cannot compare Bamboo and Jua Cali. You compare Jua Cali to Nonini, Jimwat and other genge artists. You compare Bamboo to Doobeez or Abbas Kubaff and may be K-Shaka. Comparing Bamboo and Jua Cali is like putting Lil Wayne or Souljah Boy in the same class as GZA of Wu Tang, KRS One or The god Emcee ie Rakim. Those are very different worlds.

    Hope you get the drift @ Winnie

  11. Supreme G.R.E.A.M……now that you mention it on your second comment, I hope this vybes person gets the drift.

    To be honest, I couldn’t have put any of the arguments better than you and Kiboko84. Both of you have dinyad that point vibaya.

    And yes vybes, that is what I was trying to say.

    And next time, please don’t mention people like Prezzo to the likes of Juacali and Bamboo. Dude gat nothing on them. Phuleeeeeaaassseeee!

  12. Vybes….you are still on that topic??? Unfortunately on a Mac, can’t listen to the track, but you know what, different strokes for different folks.

    Moving on……

  13. vibes u clearly have no ears for hiphop. u take what is said literaly. i’ll break down the track 4 u in my blog

  14. lol winnie!!! yay u bigged me up!!! ma so called moment of fame wow felt good singin wit him!! lol nway niimbie is a song dedicated to his luv of music..sounds like a chik but he is jus talkin about his passion in life which is genge!! lakini y dispute dat he is da king of genge? all these other peepz yall is comparing him to wea r they now…….. bamboo is aite but like it was sed earlier on he is kapuka n he is a lil bit too american..lakini hakuna ubaya our Brother Obama is rockin it huko so hey we should give respect wea its due… all dem people hu entertain us with their talent we should give dem aint an easy job….
    stay blessed…x

  15. @vybes.. Prezzo? is he a rapper? get serious. I agree with G.R.E.A.M., comparing Bamboo to Juacali’z lyk camparing Soulja-Boy to Eminem, have never, can never, will never be in the same category!

  16. juacali is mambo yote. he,s come from so far and done so much but the best thing is that he stopped singing trash like nonini or the bugz ama those fake fake artists. he sings whats real and addresses current issues. he rocks and 4 real he,s in a class of his own with the likes of akina k-shaka and ukoo fulani. jua cali is indeed the KING OF GENGE!!!

  17. I admit jua is the king of genge though am not a fan, but hey!.. Bamboo can rap though kwa ngoso and th@s when ameandikiwa, did u hear how whack his latest track is?

  18. Wazee… JuaCali is genius!

    I got here from googling Ngeli ya Genge Lyrics, From whatever littler i could understand, the damn song is well written and to me thats music you call it Genge / Kabuka / Bongoflava or whatever.

    And yeah… if you dont want him number in Kenya, basi Tanzania ye ndio mfalme wa GENGE!!

  19. Jua cali is the one and only king of genge
    He is unbeatable and more still, he’s got throbbing energy
    His style, his flava na vako zake ni exceptional
    Mejja na jim@t ni ma-apprentice wa juacali under
    the patronage ya sonko wa calif-clemo.
    Keep the flame burning jua

  20. Mann! jua cali sucks big time. He’s so lame has anyone eva listen to many of jua kali’s traks its the same old shit ova and ova again. weak metaphors, punclines and his flow is just wack. lets compare him to otha artist and see. we all know that he cant switch his flow like Jay Z or chiwawa does. his punch lines are silly not like abbas nyashiski or bamboo. Even nonini is way better than him for me personaly jua cali is just an average rapper who comes with club bangers but has no skills in writing like other genge artists, such as chiwawa, bamboo, nonini, and nyashiski.

  21. jua cali is boring just check this out “shika halua umisha beste zako, shika maua ringia beste zako” man wot tha fuck is that shit was this nigga high wen he wrote that lame line.
    unlike jua cali nyashiski had dope punchline on the trak ” nimekua badboy since standard 2 kupiga watoi mateke hadi na ganda mguu” and also abbas was tyt ” siwache basi nikuite mariah juu ya vile umecari” now that ryt thea is creative. I live in cape town but scoop a pile of cds before i left home early this year and all the kenyans here dont feel jua cali as much as they do abbas bamboo nyashiski and chiwawa.

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