Funny Us Beings!

I was meant to meet a ‘friend’ yesterday. Only for them to tell me they can’t make it as they have to leave town.

The funny part being, we spoke on Monday to arrange the said meeting. I text first thing on the day of the meet to confirm if we were still on and where to meet……

…….only to be told, made the decision the previous night to leave town.

So I wondered and asked, at what point was I going to be told of the plan change? If I had not texted to query about the meet-up, would I still be on the know about the change of plan?

The other funny part is that, I kinda saw it coming. This is a ‘friend’ who has the habit of pulling such last minute stunts. I am even considering cutting this said person off, coz to be honest if you aint adding positive substance to my life and the people around me, yet you are the one insisting that whenever you are in town we should link up. Why should my plans change to accomodate you, yet you are never present? Are you really worth it?

Would you consider calling such a person your friend?

Moving on, I am really going to miss my favourite gadget to date as it is being replaced with this one. I just can’t wait. I hope the new owner will take care of the old one as it has never let me down.

Since everyone is crying Credit Crunch this and that…….what are most of you going to do this festive season to cut down on costs? For us, its going to be budget bulk food purchases. I might as well enjoy the tax cuts before they are hiked up again in 13 months.

I am also thinking to get my photography mojo back on track. After seeing these pics and many others, I need to pull up my socks. After all, that Uni portfolio won’t fall down from heaven like Manna. Yep, I am thinking of getting a degree in Photography. I might as well go to school for it and since Kenya doesn’t have a dedicated school…..who knows, I may be one of the key speakers in any event held in the country. A girl can dream….right?! So, this year my kit investment will be a Speedlite.

Enough wishing and dreaming……let me sign off so I can earn my keep!


12 thoughts on “Funny Us Beings!”

  1. I cant vindicate the friend as I have risked cut offs a thousand times. Chomoa the archived collection and I cant wait to see the new ones. Dont even talk of crunch coz right now am walkin on a tight rope for I hugely depend on imports. No funfare over the holiday 4 me

  2. I feel you on the flakey pals. I know a mama like that yet she keeps on trying to invite me into plans and such but I usually brush her off politely and keep it moving.
    The credit crunch is killing us huku but on teh plus things are dirt cheap I tell you esp comp stuff and electronics.
    Anyhoo you post those pics when you get your mojo back and we shall enjoy them big time!

  3. We all have friends like those. What I do is never be 100% committed to the hook up plan if they are likely to stand me up. I therefore make a loose alternative plan just in case they don’t show.

    Which particular iMac are you eyeing?

  4. I also need a speedlight lakini getting it over here is a headache. hoping to see those photos when you get the mojo back. also looking forward to that photography school it will definately be a first

  5. I have bounced a couple of ma pals too. Some other things crop up and unconsciously i assume the other person will take a hint or understand the meeting is off. If i dont call or something…the meeting definitely off.

    @Shiroh, its not abt being disrespectful.

  6. I agree with Shiroh. such people do not understand the honour in keeping promises, and respecting other people’s time. I’ve had a couple of such ‘friends’. After repeated episodes, I just cut them off.

    @vybes, the fact that you had agreed earlier that there’s a meeting, then unless it’s expressly canceled, how is the other party supposed to get the hint that it’s off? When they show up and wait for hours?

  7. Yep, we all have such pals, as Archer has said. (Un)fortunately, I don’t tolerate such behaviour. I cut such people off. I believe they never change that habit and if at all they do, I can’t sit around & wait for that to ever happen!

  8. I always get exasperated when one of my friends says that you can have a ‘good friend’. I don’t know what the opposite of that is? A bad friend? A Facebook friend? Truth is that the word ‘friend’ is quite misused. If someone has no regard to you and behaves in a manner likely to suggest they are not friends… then that is not a friend. So am glad you are using quote marks on the word ‘friend’

  9. me too
    I hate it when people waste my time setting up meetings that never are, and worse, they don’t inform me about the fact that they won’t be available.. I have friends like those too, and when they suggest we meet, i simply don’t take it seriously, or have another temporary plan incase they dont show up.

    checkout my blog,

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