Ok….commuting these sides can take at least 2hrs a day (an hour to and from) and in order to get the best train times etc., you have to leave the house at a decent time in the morning……very early.

As most people, I use public transport as a place where I check to see how the back of my eyelids look like for the better part of the journey.

After reading this story, I think my favourite activity on the commute will have to be revised. Perhaps a movie on my PSP, games on my iPod, etc. Damn these idiots and I hope they are caught soon. Hold on, as I have revealed some of the gadgetry I carry in my purse….will I be a target for thieves/mugging.  AAAARRGGGGHHHH!!

To be honest, what is this world coming to?

6 thoughts on “SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE & to others!”

  1. The youth in Uk when they get buckwild get real buckwild it seems! Plus huko it seems irregardless of race all of them are in the mix. Jihadhari!

  2. stuff lyk this happens coz kids no longer ‘play practically’, everything is switched to PS’z and X-Box, toiz feeling up their heads with ideas of shooting to kill and stuff, + lotsa adult games… No wonder in the US its kawaida for kids to hijack classrooms at gunpoint coz of some domez and rejection problems…

    Eventually its what is fed into the mind that we become.

    With the world moving the way it is, we seriously need Jesus!

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