I think is now LOOOOOONGGGG overdue that I came off my blogging hiatus and returned.

Mostly due to peer pressure (you know yourself) and partially because I missed y’all.

Most importantly, I have got some shit that was bugging me sorted.

I love blogging and I missed this part of my life. Most of you who follow me, know I live in the UK, but this entry is special as I am doing it from the motherland……KENYA!!! Internet speeds are now awesome due to fibre optics. I can even upload pics without having to wait…….go make a cup of tea, have it in a leisurely manner and then wash the cup. All this for just one photo to load. Those days are gone. Now, all the internet providers just have to do is improve on their prices…..coz damn, internet is still expensive.

I digress!

Now people…..I am back. I am feeling rejuvenated and I can now say, I am on the (blogging) road again.

Soundtrack: How Do I Breathe – Mario


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