Embarassing Moment Today

First a short story revelation…..I used to be a brownie back in the day. Now, I kept my yellow scarves and still have one that I use all the time as a headscarf for when I go to bed. With time it has become kinda yellow-blackish, as I accidentally mixed it with the darks as I did my laundry.

I love this scarf, so much so that my mum brought me the other one I left in Nai when she visited me last year. I am yet to use the ‘new’ one.

I bet you are wondering how all this ties in with the embarassing moment, right?

Well…..here goes!

As I returned back to work this morning after three months break, I somehow managed to leave the house wearing said scarf. It wasn’t until I was having my breakfast in the office did I realise I had it on. Explains the weird looks I was getting on the train and bus this morning.

Hubby hasn’t stopped laughing.

Had any embarassing moments lately?

Said Yellow Scarf
Oldie, but goodie!


7 thoughts on “Embarassing Moment Today”

    1. Wyndago….believe me I was still on holiday mode. Mind not resigned to the fact I should be on the grind. Sure made me snap out of it pretty fast. hehehehehe

  1. Hehehe It happens. There’s a time I walked all the way to the bus stop wearing my orange and blue bathroom slippers. I only noticed them when i was checking into the mat. *sigh*

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