*yawn* What Year Is It?

Walalalalalalala……the cobwebs up in here are…..*cough cough* and the dust……*cleaning up house*

*Gleeeaaaaammm* *SHINE*

Now where do I start, as the last time I was up in here was my birthday in 2009. Almost two years have past and I surely missed this place…..tremendously. Well, alot has happened since and here is the short version:

– Got married in August ’09

– Got pregnant around Jan ’10

– Gave birth in Oct ’10

……..and now I am back.

I can’t promise for how long, but I think I know need a place to share my new experiences as a wife and mother.

I have definately missed blogging. Even my Google Reader is full of unread posts from blogs that I follow. Motherhood surely takes up alot of your time. Not that I am complaining.

I guess, this blog will be updated when DS is sleeping or keeping himself entertained.

Mocha TunePic: Stella Mwangi – Favourite


2 thoughts on “*yawn* What Year Is It?”

  1. Salalala… she wakes from the dead… do you know that you are one of the first kenyan blogs I stumbled upon when I started blogging. I lurked a lot on your blog..

    Good to see you back and congratualtions on mommy hood.

    Wow.. still gasping in shock that you are back

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