Guilty Pleasures

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There two things I have come to accept……I love my midnight snack, ice cream and sleeping.

My friend once told me that I could sleep for their family and mine if given a chance. Hubby gave up watching movies with me, coz as soon as the credits start to roll……off to Lalaland I go. I usually shock him when I actually stay awake to watch a whole movie. Movie nights have now become a rarity in our house. More so, coz of my early exits and due to the fact that I have a baby to feed in the middle of the night. On that note, I have resigned to the fact that my sleeping hours have drastically been reduced for a good cause, my DS.

I love my sleep, I do!

I have now started asking SO for advance lay-in permission over the weekends and so far, I have been granted one. It felt so nice after weeks of waking up in the morning with DS to just lay in bed for another hour or two. Not having to worry about feeding and changing diapers – for a moment! That feeling was short lived though, as I woke up so fast missing the sound of DS cooing and gurgling. Ohhh, how times have changed.

Ice cream, dear ice cream……

I remember when I was single and living alone, I had just run out of ice cream and was really craving some. So, in my jimmys, I literally ran to the 24hr supermarket and got me enough stock for two weeks. And this was around midnight. It really itched me how I didn’t have any ice cream in the house. I literally couldn’t sleep.

On another occassion, when I was living with a friend, she would find a bowl in the sink with dried up ice cream and spoon streaks. I woke up at 2am to have me some ice cream. At one point I almost scared her to death when she found me raiding the kitchen for my bowl of the stuff.

Even now, two nights can’t pass if I haven’t had a snack before bedtime.

The only time that I went off ice cream – SHOCK! – was when I was pregnant. More or less due to the fact that all my favourite brands are made with raw eggs and I was scared of harming my baby if I didn’t see the word pasteurized. Trust me when I say, I am now on an ice cream bender.

What is your guilty pleasure?

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