Of Noisy Neighbours

There is nothing I dislike most like noisy neighbours. More so now, when I am trying to put DS to sleep.

So the other day, my ‘new’ neighbours decided to switch on their radio at 1am. Now….I don’t mind a small hum of music filtering through the walls, but when the volume keeps going up coz you can’t hear the bleeding thing….that is another story.

Here I am irritated that I hardly get enough sleep, then this happens, in the middle of the night. I woke up contemplating calling the cops or going out in my jimmys to ask them politely to switch it off.

Hubby works at night, so you can see why I was contemplating the above.

So, I chose to walk out the house in my jimmys, knock at the neighbour’s door asking them to turn down or switch off their radio. Minutes later, they open their window….three shirtless males….and I kindly asked them to either keep it down or switch it off as DS and I can’t sleep due to the racket. Very apologetically, they did as they were asked.

One thing that really disturbed me is when one of them said how grateful they were that I decided to tell them instead of calling the cops. It is the way he said it that I found to be a bit weird and spooky.

Made me wonder, are they really tenants or squatters?


2 thoughts on “Of Noisy Neighbours”

  1. your story just reminds me of when jirani with the boombox was at it…i did two trips up and down the steps..wanting to knock and tell him to shut it down…but i jus couldnt…cos he’s a cool guy and i didnt want to look uncool…lol…i know…very selle..finally i jus started praying in the stairs ati “aki God do something!!”..cos i was fatigued mad!..guess what??…the door opened and jirani had his car keys.he was leaving!..yay! i highfived God,looked around to see if anyone saw me..then left:-)

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