…..the clock!

Damn…..time actually waits for no man.

DS just turned 4 months and I was reminiscing how I was in hospital a few months ago churning him out. How time flies!

Around this time last year, here I was panicking that ‘Aunty Flo’ hadn’t reared her ugly head my way. Knowing the how irregular I can be, I wasn’t too worried. Yet at the same time I felt different.

It all started with me panting as I climbed the escalators in the underground rather than riding them up. Before, I would just walk up them like I was in the gym. Now, I was panting like a dog on heat. What was wrong with me?

At home, I was doing ten minute exercises and getting better at them. All of a sudden, I could barely finish a 10minute workout without breaking a sweat and panting like a dog. What was wrong with me?

Also, I was tired when I got home from work and needed a nap more than usual. What was wrong with me?

A week later I got tired of speculating and fearing the worst. I went ahead and had my suspicions confirmed…..


Happy Birthday Hubby… are going to be a dad!

Updated 26/03/11: Pic is my actual testkit! Just thought I put it out there.


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