So….decided, waaayyyyy before DS was born, that I will be taking a well deserved break to the motherland once he came. Afterall, he has to visit his Shosh (cucu), as she likes to be called.

Well, for the better part of March, I was in Kenya with the little one.

Let me just say……and my fellow mother/pal Farmgal said it too HERE & HERE……travelling with a baby, infant, under two….etc. is not for the faint hearted. Be prepared for anything……and I mean ANYTHING!

Well, I planned my trip specifically around a wedding and a well deserved break. I started planning my trip from September when I took my maternity leave. In January…..I was well convinced that I was going back to Kenya. DS and I both needed the break…..from the cold mostly. Being cooped up in the house for days on end is not my idea of parenting fun. The only time we get to leave the house is when taking DS to the clinic for weighing sessions and jabs. Or when I need supplies from the store and hubby is not available.

Anyhoo……I did loads and loads of research. I NEEDED to be comfortable in the motherland. From where DS was going to sleep. How we were going to get out and about with little hassle as possible. And most importantly, AVOID for the longest time possible to buy baby supplies whilst in Kenya.

In the end, for the duration of my stay, all I can say is my research did pay off.

My mum was really pleased to see her grandson. They bonded really well and I enjoyed the pampering.

Other than healthcare, mothers in Kenya have it EASY than the ones in the diaspora. You have all the help you can get. If only I could afford to stay longer…..I would have just to enjoy being spoilt rotten with all the help around the house.

Unfortunately, my time in the motherland just had to come to an end. I missed the comfort of being around my things and those of baby. Would I do it again? Travel with a baby? Of course, why not? Just won’t be doing it alone.

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