Summer is Here!

eeerrrmmm…..let me enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

I had to travel to Kenya for some well deserved sunshine as the winter was harsh for us. DS and I esp. as we hardly left the house.

This week, the temperatures have been brilliant and with sunshine to boot. Which means, I don’t have to wrap DS like we live in the north pole just to go out to the corner shop. He also loves the fact that its a quick, pop into the pram and out we go. Even Dad joined us on one of the days for a walk, had some ice cream and just chilled out in the high street bench just watching the world go by. It was a brilliant feeling.

Now to invest in a lighter stroller now that DS will be 6 months so we can hit the tube more oftern with little effort as possible and visit as many people as possible. Stranger anxiety is something that I have to nip in the bud….FAST!

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