Those Little White Buds

My baby is teething!

DS has been teething, to the best of my knowledge, since he was three months old. Now, at five months, the process is gaining momentum.

Other than when he has his jabs, I am always in tears when I see how much he is suffering from all the pain and irritability he is feeling as his tooth ‘cuts’ through his gums. With that comes a spot of diarrhea, cold like symptoms and restlessness.

Only last week, I spotted a white ‘bud’ sprouting from his lower jaw. The faces he makes are sometimes hilarious, but it is when he cries and refuses to eat his solids that have me balling too! The situation is making weaning a drawn out process.

This (with other situations) has actually made me realize how emotional I have become since I became a mother. Anything can set me off!

*Now,where did I put that dark chocolate?*


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