Lesson #3: One to Six Months

Over the course of me blogging about being a mum, I will share my experiences as part of ‘my lessons learnt’ series.

When you get pregnant or become a mum/parent, you feel like you are the only one in the world who has just had a baby until the day you look for reassurance that you are doing the right thing. Be it advise from family, friends, the net, your health advisors…..you name it. That is when you realize that being a parent is NO JOKE! and you are not alone.

What have I learnt in the first six months of being a mother?


What hype I hear you ask?

Everything to do with sleep, enjoying your baby, me time and nutrition. You name it!


You lose it once your baby(ies) is born. All those lay-ins, sleeping through the night, weekend afternoon naps…..you name it……will all come to an end. I didn’t want to believe it at first, but now looking back, I wish I listened to all the advise.

One thing that I wasn’t able to do and still can’t do to this day is sleep when DS sleeps, especially during the day. As much as I tried, sleeping during DS’ naps was difficult for me. I was always thinking of having my breakfast, washing the dishes, catching up on crap daytime TV, laundry, etc. The only time I did manage this is when I was busy dosing off when he was BFing (breastfeeding) or when I was EXTREMELY tired.

I love my sleep and I am not a morning person. So, to me night shift weren’t so bad. It was and still is the early mornings that I can’t deal with. Even when I was working, it usually took me an hour to get out of bed. Setting my alarm at 5am, only to press the snooze button every ten minutes for an hour. Torture….I know, but necessary as I hated waking up in the morning and still do. I digress!

So, my love for sleep has now been replaced with the love for my son, but why lie, there are some mornings, I just can’t be bothered. Thank God for a my wonderful husband!

Me Time

How rare this have become. I used to take this special time for granted. The only me time I get (until DS starts roaming the house) is when I am in the bathroom. Not the best place I know, but what is a mother to do?


Eat, eat, eat…….but eat well/nutritiously. That milk won’t produce itself to be able to sustain your baby. And remember, whatever you eat, your baby gets too. Also, it took you nine months for your body to change. Give it time to heal and ‘reshape’ itself. I am no angel, as I was busy worrying about wrapping my tummy, massaging and greasing my stretch marks away, etc. Forgetting that, all I had to do was eat well and drink plenty of fluids. I took me a while to get the hang of all the nutritional fuss, but I eventually understood the importance of it all. Your baby is literally sucking you dry, food rich in iron and protein are of importance. And water too!

They Grow Up Too Fast

I didn’t want to believe it at first, but when I visited my pals 2 month old baby with DS being 4 months, I was in shock on easy it is to forget them being so young. Also, when people used to tell me that when they are at this point in their lives, it is the easiest to deal with and I couldn’t understand how. With all the crying when you have done everything, the constant waking up/ feeding your baby on demand, the diapers, changing clothes, etc. How can this be easier? Well, I know is, they don’t move much and once they are fed, dry and comfortable, babies at this age sleep most of the time.

Trust Your Instincts

This comes with when your baby is having one of those days. Just go with the flow of your baby’s mood and stop trying to make him/her adjust to what you want them to do. And when they become sick and are not sure whether to stay at home or take them to hospital……your gut instincts is your best judge on what to do. Just don’t leave it too late as babies are very delicate creatures. Having said that, they can be very strong little beings too!

Don’t Stop Venturing Out

From the moment I started my maternity leave, I hardly left the house. When I had DS, for the first few weeks, I also hardly left the house. Only because it was cold and damp……..and I didn’t want to harm my baby. I knew this would soon end though as staying at home was not good for both of us. We both needed fresh air. Other than visits to the clinic and a spot of shopping here and there…….WE actually flew to Kenya for some well deserved FRESH AIR. At four months after his last set of jabs, DS and I took a mini vacation to the motherland. We travelled alone and boy, it wasn’t easy. That is a story for another day.  I guess what I am trying to say here is, venture out with your child as early as possible and alone. You will soon discover that the fresh air is good for your baby and for you. You will also learn how to pack your baby bag with THE essentials. Also, your baby will learn how to deal with other people other than you and/or daddy. Stranger anxiety is not fun!

I know I haven’t exhausted everything that has happened during the first six months of DS’ life. I blame the forgetfulness that comes with being a mom….hehehehe!

If you want to know how I dealt with stuff I haven’t mentioned here…..ask away. It may just help me do a ‘Part 2’ of this segment.

What did you go through the first six months of your baby’s life?


5 thoughts on “Lesson #3: One to Six Months”

  1. This post hit the nail RIGHT on the head! I agree with all of the above…the first six months are ROUGH! I went through the sleep deprivation mania, never leaving the apartment, being literally sucked dry, etc. Now I know why experienced mothers keep saying that ‘This too shall pass’…it’s really all that they CAN say but it’s sooooo true.

  2. the more i read about babies…the more I’m convinced to delay ever thinking about popping…cos it appears to be real hard work.my pal’s baby is 2months and still cries the whole time while bathing…any tips?…theeen,she doesnt have enough milk and the baby hates the formula…result=more shrill baby crying…wa!

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