Great for: Teething

Disclaimer: Any products I review here are my opinion and you should use your own judgement when it comes to your child.

When it comes to teething, I have tried teething rings with gel inside that you cool in the fridge and give to DS. I soon discovered that this didn’t help matters as soon as the cooling wore off. I was always met with screams and tantrums as the rings was thrown across the room….ok, away from baby.

I mentioned this to a fellow mum and she suggested Bickiepegs. God bless her!

So far, this have kept DS calm and collected for 10-15mins. Also helps with development of hand to mouth coordination. Its a messy job. I always have a damp cloth and bibs with a plastic backing handy.

DS enjoying teething relief.

The packaging

The actual ‘peg’ with ribbon

Other than his soft toys with teething bits….these have been a real life saver.

Please note: This should be used from 6mths as it is made out of wheat.


4 thoughts on “Great for: Teething”

  1. ooh, I should have found these earlier. First born had no issues with teething, seemed to just cut and go.. Miss KK has been bothered a lot. At eight months she now has 4 teeth and another one peeking through.

  2. LOL….dont be scared. I was dreading it too with all the stories. I just took it to my stride. Afterall, you know your baby best and you may not even need any remedies with yours. You will just see them buds appearing without even a fuss.

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