Five Years On

Whenever  I log on to my blog and check out the stats, the blog entry with the most stats has to be the one with regards to my dreadlocks.

I have no idea why, but people seem to be looking for ideas with regards to how to lock their hair and I am sure once they click on the entry they are hugely disappointed.

On the other hand, I bet some of you are looking to see how they have progressed from this period up until now.

Well, here goes……

I am glad to say that I love my hair more now than in the beginning.


One thought on “Five Years On”

  1. Five of my girls have super fly dreads. Do I like dreads? Yes! Would I like to have them? Yes! Would I grow them? Sadly no. I’d have to cut huge chunks of my beautiful hair; I’m not ready to do that.

    So I’ll sit pretty and ogle & drool at people’s dreaded heads; yours included. *sigh*

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