8 Months Already???

Crappity……CRAP! Where has the time gone?

I have had a ‘lessons learnt’ post cooking in the oven for the past month or so and when I was ready to finish it…..wordpress decides not to save the draft. MAJOR FAIL AND DEFLATION! I will try to finish it before this month is over. PROMISE!

Soon I will be returning to work. Just as I am enjoying motherhood.

The first year is the most important, but I can’t help the fact I shall be going back to work four months before DS turns one. Those bills are not going to pay themselves. Separation anxiety is not even something I am looking forward to. I am sure DS will be fine after a few days, but I am more worried on how he will be. Then again, I keep telling myself that God will always look after him just as he has always done.

As I write this, DS is 8 months. Growing taller and cuter everyday. His deepest dimple that melts my heart even on a bad day and his four teeth that makes me coo over him as he gives me a wet smile. My precious prince…..! Everyday, I am reminded that life is too short and extremely precious. Never in a million years would I have thought to be so emotionally charged as I am today. Anything can set me off really.

I love my life now more than before. I have a wonderful hubby and a beautiful son and I couldn’t ask for more.

Happy Wednesday People!

Happy 8month Birthday Son!


2 thoughts on “8 Months Already???”

  1. Time ime-fly! Feel your pain on going back to work. can’t even begin to imagine how you’re feeling but am sure you’ll manage.
    Kisses to the little one x

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