Those Little White Buds – Part 3

So…..we are on the upper two teeth these past few weeks and boy hasn’t DS been cranky.

Thank God he didn’t have the ‘runs’ this time and instead ran a fever which was quickly sorted by a shot of paracetamol here and there.

Sleeping has been a pain for the little chap and I soon discovered that chewing his cloth soothed him.

And the drooling…..there are days I actually check around my baby’s body for that tap of saliva so I can literally turn it off. Thank goodness for the plastic backed cotton bibs, as they are really handy to keep his clothes dry.

Aaaaaaand, are those musical toys ‘waterproof’? At the moment DS is using them as teething toys and drooling all over them like a Great Dane.

It is times like this I am really glad DS stopped breastfeeding. Otherwise, I would be denying him what is rightly his.


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