Around the Same Time in ……


I was busy blogging about Kenyan Cinema, EA Music and Make Poverty History. Has much changed since then? It has, albeit slowly.


It was all about ‘the train’ and how I wasn’t a passenger anymore. Some of the people who commented on this post should see it now and laugh about it.


Busy capturing a few memories. An entry which also highlights my how old my Twitter avatar is.


I was enjoying a special visit from a very special person….Mummy dearest. And, Mr Mocha and I were getting more and more serious. Happy days!


Didn’t blog for the most part.


Just realized how time flies and how much has changed since I started blogging. Going back and reading through my blog and some of the comments most of you left make me laugh. At the same time, some of the things I wrote make me gringe. Its all apart of who I am and makes me glad I did start writing.

Memories are surely made of this……..and then some.


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