Figure It Out For Yourself

I have decided to clean up years of emails from my account and came across this GEM of an email sent to me in 2005 from someone I once considered to be a friend.

Email from an Ex-Friend

“So how does it feel to sleep with my exs? honestly you couldnt get any morecheap. Anyway dont worry ill forward every man ive ever turned down to you now i know that my trash fits perfectly between your legs.”

Yep… is as you read it. No salutations, just insults and was sent to me out of the blue. I had not spoken to this person for more than 6 years.

Trust me, I wasn’t going to ignore this and with that, this was my response…

“LOL….LMAO (*whilst rolling eyes*)

I can see you havent changed a bit.

Still trying to figure out what you want to be when YOU GROW UP.

Reading your email again, you mentioned the word ‘EX’. Last time i checked the dictionary or otherwise, that is past tense…..unless you still go out with your exes…i dunno. besides, we arent friends anymore, then and now….so what changed.

and you call all the jamaas who had an interest in you trash….kweli you are beyond the realms of being called a princess…..I think Queen Biatch suits you just fine.

Like they say, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’! Pass ’em on. Am sure they will be pleased to know you pimped them out to me and boy will they be glad they aint with you no more, for the person that you are.

Besides, after all this time, now is when I manage to hit your nerve, coz you have found a way to spew your vile. Give me a break!

Get back to me when you have figured it out yourself, coz honestly, I think the pedestal you have put yourself on aint strong enough to carry the weight of your head.

So please, dont waste my time with such trivial upuzi!


Funny how somethings, years later you just laugh them off.

I believe such emails remind you of how far you have come and you learn so much about yourself……what you were, what you have become and what you can be.


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