Great for: Laminate Flooring

Disclaimer: Any products I review here are my opinion and you should use your own judgement when it comes to your child.

So, when DS was in the early stages of learning how to sit down without being propped, I was looking for something to make him land on his head less painful on our HARD laminate flooring. In other words, give him a ‘soft’ landing as he literally threw himself backwards. Short of him throwing his arms up like a swimmer, you would think DS was practising to be a backstroke champion.

After a few tears from both of us, I decided enough was enough. The old duvet I use on the floor was just not enough padding, so I decided to get the foam mats you see in the photo. They come in a pack of four pieces which attach together like a puzzle. You can also get one with numbers, alphabets, snakes and ladders or hop scotch. I chose this one as the pieces are big and less messy.

So, I put this on the floor and the duvet goes on top of it. I just love them as they are hard enough to withstand my active child, but have got enough padding to give him that soft landing he deserves. Think Bata slippers material and that is how they are albeit slightly softer. After a few bumps, DS soon learnt how to land softly on the mat. It wasn’t long, he learnt how to sit without throwing himself back and/or being propped.

They also made an excellent cushion for his feet when he was busy bouncing along on his Jumperoo (you can see a bit of it on the photo).

Please note: Always check at what age your should use a product and never leave your child unattended if you chose to use a product not specified for your child’s age. I say this as this particular product was for age 3+ years.

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