Separation Anxiety

As a parent, this is an emotion that will never ever go away.

Separation anxiety is an emotion that you will never be prepared for, as it hits you like a ton of bricks on your heart.

This week it hit me as my eldest (yes, I have two kids now) started proper school. He used to go to nursery since he was 3, but this is now different. Going through the whole application process, waiting to hear if you got your first choice of school, visiting the school and meeting the teachers, waiting for Autumn to start and buying the school uniform. This is an emotional rollercoaster that lasts months and when the time comes when your little one dresses up in his new uniform, puts on his book bag, you take him to school and sign him in and all you get is, “OK, bye!” And off he goes to play with his old and new friends in a new environment like nothing has changed. The tears that follow are not from your growing child, but from you, as you can’t believe how fast the time flown.

Wasn’t it just the other day that your were carrying him in your belly and then in your arms? Bringing him home from the hospital.

And now…you get this sense of new found independence that shocks you into the reality that, they are never babies for long.

So if you have kids, enjoy and embrace the moments. Blink and you will wonder where all the time has gone.


Lesson #5: Tantrums

Over the course of me blogging about being a mum, I will share my experiences as part of ‘my lessons learnt’ series.

When you get pregnant or become a mum/parent, you feel like you are the only one in the world who has just had a baby until the day you look for reassurance that you are doing the right thing. Be it advise from family, friends, the net, your health advisors… name it. That is when you realize that being a parent is NO JOKE! and you are not alone.

What have I learnt about baby tantrums?


My baby threw his first tantrum this week.

It is still funny when he throws one of his hissy fits, but the time has now come for me nip them in the bud before they get out of hand.

Rolling on the floor, minus kicking his legs are the order of the day. At the moment it’s when he is not sitting comfortably in his poof whilst having his milk. NO POOF, NO MILK!


At what point did he know this is how to grab our attention with ‘bad’ behaviour?

My friend (a fellow mum) always told me, “It only takes them once to learn.”

Has your little one thrown a tantrum? If so, what measures have you put in place so they don’t get out of hand?

EDIT: Just incase the above questions defeat you, @PastorWa may have just helped you with that dilemma here. Good thing to have come across it now. Nipping said baby characteristic will be a breeze interesting.

The ‘C’ Word

Before you think I am going all gutter mode on you, I am talking about the….




To be honest, as a parent of a boy, this is one task I have been dreading. First and foremost, I had to argue my point across to hubby why DS should be ‘cut’ as a baby and not when he is older (as our culture dictates) and why I wanted it done.

This has been a debate from when DS was born, if not before. In the beginning, hubby was all for DS losing his foreskin, then as time went by he googled himself all the reasons why not to go ahead. Too be honest, I almost relented, but I wanted it done……ASAP!

I gave my experience with a dude who wasn’t circumcised from a woman’s point of view (it wasn’t pretty) to the hygienic reason, to the all so important cultural reason. The latter didn’t go down too well as if that was the case, why not wait until he is older to have it done. With that, I asked hubby if he remembered when he was circumcised and he basically shivered at the thought. More reason for DS to have his done now he is a baby. He won’t remember a thing.

Anyway, d-day came and no one ever tells you how difficult it is to hear your baby cry. More to do with the fact they are being held down as they are given an anesthetic to numb the area and during the actual procedure. Other than that, it is done in less than 10 minutes. DS didn’t sleep well that night, but Calpol was at hand to ease the pain. Now just waiting for DS to heal in about 3-10 days.

If you have a son/nephew/grandson and in this day and age want to take your little for circumcision, I would recommend watching a video of the procedure the day before. It’s not a pleasant thing to see, but it helps.


Summer is Here!

eeerrrmmm…..let me enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

I had to travel to Kenya for some well deserved sunshine as the winter was harsh for us. DS and I esp. as we hardly left the house.

This week, the temperatures have been brilliant and with sunshine to boot. Which means, I don’t have to wrap DS like we live in the north pole just to go out to the corner shop. He also loves the fact that its a quick, pop into the pram and out we go. Even Dad joined us on one of the days for a walk, had some ice cream and just chilled out in the high street bench just watching the world go by. It was a brilliant feeling.

Now to invest in a lighter stroller now that DS will be 6 months so we can hit the tube more oftern with little effort as possible and visit as many people as possible. Stranger anxiety is something that I have to nip in the bud….FAST!

Gaagaa! Googoo!

Well, the tone of my blog will change dramatically… you will soon discover.

I have got to say that I never thought I would enjoy being a mum so much. To be honest, when I found out I was pregnant, I was somewhat disappointed. Why? I hear you ask. Well… some of you know, I was planning a summer wedding and that wasn’t going to happen now that I was up the duff. Also, I had found and paid, IN FULL, for my wedding dress (which is still in the shop being stored for me). And this is after I found out it was on sale from the original price.

Aaaahhh, I was looking forward to wearing my wedding dress and walking down the aisle as I planned it.

As you well know, some things just don’t go according to your plans, but God’s.

It didn’t seem at the time as it felt like a cruel joke. The fact that my body was changing didn’t make the news sink any faster.

Up to this day as I hear my son snoring next to me or when he grabs my hand as he feeds or when he looks me in the eye and lets out a chuckle, I still can’t believe that I actually bore him to this world. Hubby and I keep expecting for someone to knock on our door and tell us to hand him over. That we have kept him for too long…!

Parenting is not a joke. This is a job that you just can’t wake up one morning and decide to quit or pull a sickie. You have to roll with the punches as this little person depends on you.

When the baby cries and you have reached the end of your tether, you just can’t decide to ‘return him to the shops’. Basically, once those cells met, you were basically screwed…..quite literally, but in a good way. Whether it was planned or not.

The moment DS was born, I knew it was RIGHT! It felt right and I cried because I was overjoyed and proud of myself. The nine months headstart you are given by nature to prepare yourself don’t seem enough now that he is here. Then again, during the last weeks of my pregnancy I was ready to cut him out.

Now that he is three going four months, I am spending more time wishing that he doesn’t grow up so fast. Only the other day, I was only feeding him and changing his diapers. Now we have evolved to include small talk of gaa gaa goo goos. And as he grows, I am looking forward to the milestones of rolling over, holding up on his own his sippy cup and just being able to sit up without any assistance.

Babies are amazing and I just thank God for mine.