Date: 26/04/06

Location: MK Station Bus-stop Area

Time: 20.34pm

Bus: 5E

I had missed my usual bus, so I had two options:

1. Take a different bus to the city center and walk the rest of the way.

2. Wait for the next bus which was like half an hour wait.

I settled for option 1 and as the bus (mentioned above) approached, I prepared my fare to get on board. As the bus stopped, a lady who was ahead of me got in and paid her fare. When my turn came, I gave the driver my fare and got my change back, bila tikiti (without a ticket). I was like, not this again. I stood there and demanded that the driver should issue me with a ticket and also mentioned to him that he has done this before and I am not falling for it this time.

All this time, during the ‘stand-off’, the driver kept pressing the machine like it was broken and not issuing tickets. I was like WTF! A couple of minutes ago it was, kwani I have STUPID stamped across my forehead ama what? This where I thank God for my stubbornness……coz I didnt move a muscle until he issued me with a ticket. Guess what? It didnt happen! I asked for my money back and got off. Back the options and 2 was looking attractive at this point.

There was someone ready to board right behind me. As I got off and they paid for their destination…………wait for it…………….the machine was working again! This is one of those rare moments where I swear the only colour I see when I am angry is RED!

So my questions are;

Is this a way for drivers to self-tip?

Was that machine a magic-ticket machine that spews tickets when it feels like or when the driver feels like?

Did I mention that this has happened before?

Bloody punk! After a long day, this was the last thing I needed towards my final ‘home-strait’! AARRGGHHHH!

Note: You know what, I think after this day, I am officially addicted to blogging. I immediately whipped out my note book and wrote this incident so that I remember the details. More incidents/stories later!



…..LOL, WAAA!A few new buddies and I went out last Friday to a joint where one of us had a Djing gig. The events that were to follow….lets just say, lessons were learnt.

As per kawa, in my opinion, peeps like taking things at face value. On this particular night, my buddie who had this Djing gig did just that. Having been invited to play at this joint…..we didnt know what to expect. Manzee the first thing that come out of my mouth was, “Is this it?” One of my friends I checked in with just laughed. Why lie, the look on my face when I said it was just priceless!

My Dj pal, was already getting ready to do his set. Punde si punde, I see him with a torch (mbeleni, he was being told to use his cellphone…….LOL) coz the dj area/box is bila lighting. There was no space to fit two peeps in there, let alone the record cases, etc. The mixer was missing buttons or button covers and the music was bila output on some records being played. Yaani, how he pulled it off, I dont jua. Coz instead of peeps complaining and booing as they usually do when things go wrong, they were having a good laugh and lots of fun, with him and at him. Obviously, when put in such a situation……many would panic, but not my pal. He did a marvelous job. Like they say, don’t blame the jembe………

The venue got jam-packed with revellers though and everyone was having a good time. Minor issues of space and aircon…….peeps were ‘sweating like pigs’ (lakini hii phrase ilitoka wapi. i have never seen a pig sweat….anyway, debate for another day), budeez(old zaks) in suits forcing to dance with you (picture a proud father-of-the-bride bila dancing skills knocking everyone out with his dance moves)…eeewww!…………..and the odd jamaa who thinks he can win a bet he made with his pals on who will pull a mama first…….geeewwweeeezzze! generally, the atmosphere was aiight, lakini venue wasn’t.

Whether my Dj pal will return to play there is a debatable story for another day / another gig………..


p.s. poleni, I had sahaud the closing ‘lessons learnt’ bit! Yah! Always check out your potential venue and equipment before a gig. So that if necessary amendments are to take place, they are done in good time.