Figure It Out For Yourself

I have decided to clean up years of emails from my account and came across this GEM of an email sent to me in 2005 from someone I once considered to be a friend.

Email from an Ex-Friend

“So how does it feel to sleep with my exs? honestly you couldnt get any morecheap. Anyway dont worry ill forward every man ive ever turned down to you now i know that my trash fits perfectly between your legs.”

Yep… is as you read it. No salutations, just insults and was sent to me out of the blue. I had not spoken to this person for more than 6 years.

Trust me, I wasn’t going to ignore this and with that, this was my response…

“LOL….LMAO (*whilst rolling eyes*)

I can see you havent changed a bit.

Still trying to figure out what you want to be when YOU GROW UP.

Reading your email again, you mentioned the word ‘EX’. Last time i checked the dictionary or otherwise, that is past tense…..unless you still go out with your exes…i dunno. besides, we arent friends anymore, then and now….so what changed.

and you call all the jamaas who had an interest in you trash….kweli you are beyond the realms of being called a princess…..I think Queen Biatch suits you just fine.

Like they say, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’! Pass ’em on. Am sure they will be pleased to know you pimped them out to me and boy will they be glad they aint with you no more, for the person that you are.

Besides, after all this time, now is when I manage to hit your nerve, coz you have found a way to spew your vile. Give me a break!

Get back to me when you have figured it out yourself, coz honestly, I think the pedestal you have put yourself on aint strong enough to carry the weight of your head.

So please, dont waste my time with such trivial upuzi!


Funny how somethings, years later you just laugh them off.

I believe such emails remind you of how far you have come and you learn so much about yourself……what you were, what you have become and what you can be.


Are the London 2012 Olympics Affordable?

London 2012 Logo

Click for Olympic Schedule & Ticket Prices

In my opinion after viewing the above PDF, NO!!!

As a new mum with a possibility of giving DS a playmate, the London 2012 Olympics are looking to be a very expensive affair for the common Londoner. I immediately signed up for the tickets once the website was open to do so and as soon as the ticket prices were announced, I was already planning how to get people together for ‘Kenya Corner’ in the main stadium.

Let’s just say, I have a disappointing feeling that as Kenyan living in London, I may not be able to attend the games.

Well, let me break it down (cheapest ticket prices used)…..

…..not one to brag, but Kenyans are goodbrilliant the ones to watch when it comes to Athletics. So, if I was to go for the games, I would chose the finals on all athletic events that will feature Kenyans. The following finals will definately feature a Kenyan or two:

Men & Women 10,000m

M & W 5,000m

M & W 3,000m Steeplechase

M & W 1,500m

M & W Marathon

Likely to qualify in the M 400m and M 800m…….(am I missing any other events?)

Other sports that may include Kenyans are Swimming and Boxing (list subject to change).

The cheapest ticket price per sporting event, that I have seen, is £20 with the exemption of the Marathon which is a free event unless you what to be in a prime viewing area. Then you will have to pay.

Now, back to Athletics…..the events are not all on the same day. So that means £50 for every final event you chose to attend. In my case, if I drag hubby dearest and DS, the total may easy shoot up to £100 (if children under 5 go free) per event/day.

I haven’t taken into account the travel, food and merchandise expenses. Not forgetting taking time off work to support our fellow country men and women. That too is an expense as it is lose of earnings.

So let’s say I decide to be a MAJOR fan and go to all the above (having not included the heats, semis, etc) and they are on different days for either the men’s event or the women’s event. In ticket prices only, I am looking at spending a total of around £500 per person. Travel, I could purchase a weekly ticket at around £50 (if prices will go up again next year). Food per day….let me just set aside of budget of £20 a day for at least 7 days (unless they allow people to pack their own which I dont see happening as a security measure, etc.). So that is a total of £140 of food only.

Adding it all up – £690…rounding it off to a cool £700 per person. If hubby decides I am not having all the olympic fun on my own and decides to tag along…..that is a cool £1,400 for 7 days worth of sports. And this for a few hours a day.

Now, if we want to feel the whole olympic vibe, as I don’t think we will be alive to see it again, and decide to go for the opening and closing ceremonies……that is another £80 (£20 each).

So, in total we are looking at spending £1,500 in 7days.

This is just merely me estimating how much it would cost so we can sit back and start budgeting and saving for the big event coming our way. A budget of busy parents trying to make ends meet and still have fun along the way.

Saving the money is easy. Its when a ‘rainy day’ comes along and you have to use the ‘olympic fund’…..what then?

Another thing, you are not guaranteed to get a ticket as it will all be allocated on a lottery based system, last I heard.

Will the olympics be like the Commonwealth Games in Delhi where there were empty seats in loads of events? Will fans from abroad be able to afford the games? By the time you consider visa fees, flights, accommodation and general up keep? London 2012 is already looking like a very expensive affair all round.

Of Noisy Neighbours

There is nothing I dislike most like noisy neighbours. More so now, when I am trying to put DS to sleep.

So the other day, my ‘new’ neighbours decided to switch on their radio at 1am. Now….I don’t mind a small hum of music filtering through the walls, but when the volume keeps going up coz you can’t hear the bleeding thing….that is another story.

Here I am irritated that I hardly get enough sleep, then this happens, in the middle of the night. I woke up contemplating calling the cops or going out in my jimmys to ask them politely to switch it off.

Hubby works at night, so you can see why I was contemplating the above.

So, I chose to walk out the house in my jimmys, knock at the neighbour’s door asking them to turn down or switch off their radio. Minutes later, they open their window….three shirtless males….and I kindly asked them to either keep it down or switch it off as DS and I can’t sleep due to the racket. Very apologetically, they did as they were asked.

One thing that really disturbed me is when one of them said how grateful they were that I decided to tell them instead of calling the cops. It is the way he said it that I found to be a bit weird and spooky.

Made me wonder, are they really tenants or squatters?



Ok….commuting these sides can take at least 2hrs a day (an hour to and from) and in order to get the best train times etc., you have to leave the house at a decent time in the morning……very early.

As most people, I use public transport as a place where I check to see how the back of my eyelids look like for the better part of the journey.

After reading this story, I think my favourite activity on the commute will have to be revised. Perhaps a movie on my PSP, games on my iPod, etc. Damn these idiots and I hope they are caught soon. Hold on, as I have revealed some of the gadgetry I carry in my purse….will I be a target for thieves/mugging.  AAAARRGGGGHHHH!!

To be honest, what is this world coming to?

CreativePro ExFLOP

So, I went for the CreativePro Expo (renamed from MacExpo) on Saturday and my disappointed from last year’s show is still there, if not worse.

What is happening to the expo every year I visit?

Ever since Apple pulled out, the show has become a huge disappointment. Even with free tickets, I still felt robbed. Afterall, I spared my time.

Compared to the 2006 expo, 2007 was small and this year it was even smaller. Even attendance was at an all time low. Credit crunch? EEEEHHHH….we can’t keep using this excuse. Afterall, aren’t expos supposed to be for people to see and test the products before purchasing them? Christmas is around the corner.

The only big company that showed their products and I was interested in was Adode as they have now released CS4. Looks like every year, companies keep pulling out, like Quark, HP, etc.

So Linux was at the expo this year. Hence the show being renamed CreativePro Expo. As I don’t use Linux, I quickly zoomed passed their stands and even there presence was lacking.

Towards the end of the day (shocked that I stayed), as they announced the end of the show, some of the exhibitors actually high fived each other.

Perhaps to celebrate the end of a boring expo?

Will I return next year? NO!