Happy Birthday Baba ‘Prince’

To the bestest husband and dad in the world.

Happy Birthday Babes……we love you!


Mochalicious Day!

Last year was one of the best years yet and this year is just as rosy.

Woke up this morning and the sun was out, Mr Mocha surprised me with a bunch of flowers and a card. Small gestures, but all the same sentimental.

No words can top what I said last year to my then fiance, but all I can say is I am happy and blessed.

Can’t wait for what the rest of this year is to bring. Although we had to put certain plans on hold, I am certain it’s for the best.

Here is to ME, my hubby and what the future holds!

Happy Mocha! Day.

One More….

Now that Christmas is over, we await 2009.

I hope you lot didnt eat and drink to warrant a trip to the gym……not like most of you will be going.

I enjoyed a chilled out break as we celebrated the birth of Christ and giving thanks to everything 2008 threw at us…….both good and bad.

For me(yaani us) it was watching movies, eating chapos with chicken stew and drinking (well my babes was doing the drinking of percentages). Still snacking as those food packages as they wont eat themselves……si they have to be devoured before they expire? Ala!

To all who sent me season greetings and to those I tried to reach, reached, etc……..I hope your Christmas was and is still is as you wished for.

So hear is my toast to you, life and the future.

At this rate……blog you next year!

Ohhh snap……in 5 days!

Happy New Year peoples!