Station Freebies 300312

There was a mad scramble for some free chocolates, the morning of 30 Mar 2012, from Nestlé in conjunction with Metro UK.

Commuters wanted to get their hands on Aero, the new bubbly bar and I was one of them.

Judging from the current economic climate, I have come to notice the reduced number of free stuff handed out. So the few times companies decide to do market research by providing consumers with free trials of their product, it’s no surprise people will be inclined to push and shove to get their just desserts.

I digress.

Thank you Metro and Nestlé for the treats. Aero is one of my favourite chocolate brand anyway. I enjoyed these two bars as I read my copy of the paper.




Picture a humid summer day, packed like sardines on the London Transport network on your way home.

Lets just say, if they had sprinklers in there, I for one would not mind, but all of us would be shocked to death as the network uses electricity to run.

Anywhoo, I almost never made it home.

Someone decide to unleash toxic fumes in a packed train. Fanning the smell away from my burning nostrils didnt help as it made it worse.

To make the situation more unbearable, doing it once is excusable, but the HINDIOT decide to unleash once more for good measure.

Thank God the next stop was mine.

I have never appreciated fresh air until yesterday as I disembarked from the train.

Have a fresh air Thrusday wherever you are.

Loving this track: Tell Me (What It Is) – Dj NG ft. Baby Katy