About the ‘Licious!

In a nutshell…

Complex, romantic, nice, independent, stubborn, selfish and strong at heart. I like to say am like marmite……you either like me or you don’t. Simple!

Age: 20+ Something mami! (this won’t change…hehehe)

Location: Somewhere in the UK

Likes: Music, Books, Good Food and anything that takes my fancy.

Hates: Spongers!

On Me & In Me: A tattoo of a bull (on my left shoulder) and a tongue-stud.

Favourite Movie: Best Man (1999)

Favourite Artist: Maxwell

Favourite Album: Marc Nelson’s Chocolate Mood

Lifetime Achievement: Baby Prince and Wonderful Husband

Right, I don’t want to give everything away and besides, this aint a job application. So, I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I will enjoy writing it.

Thanks for dropping by……MMMWWWAAAHHH!!!