A Year or So Later….

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My dreads and I have come a loooong way. I have very curly soft hair, so my attempt of dreadlocks was going to be a difficult one. Impatience, keeping them smelling fresh and clean were among the challenges, but I got through them. Now I have a calendar marked when they are due to be spruced up.


My dreads a year or so ago after their first wash!


How they look now

Now…modoathii, I hope this motivates you to have yours done.

Alafu, what has Aegeus started?

Aaaahhh……I will go down with a classic, since its so fitting.

Matako juu juu ka brakes za kawasaki!!!

Happy Thursday peoples!

Mocha!’s TunePick: Jose Chameleon & Prof. JaySivyo Ndivyo


24 thoughts on “A Year or So Later….”

  1. dreads really need lots and lots of patience! but looking good!
    I cant do mchongoano however hard I try!

  2. AAAAAAAAAARGH!!! Nusu nusu ulitokekeako wapi chameni?

    I once had baby dreads in 2005 but not for long. Old lady dropped me by the kinyozi and ordered me to emerge without them. Never tried since coz it wsa kazi mingi already

  3. Am actually trying to ‘de-cropping’ those mbichas…… Mocha, there’s a stalker looming about!

    Never been fan of dread but zako zinakaa poa….

  4. looking very good, seems it’s only 3N who doesn’t have dreads…sina patience.

    and btw mocha are you releasing yourself kidogo kidogo, jana it was the tush, now the dreads what tomorrow?

    happy thursday too

  5. looking nice for a one-year-older. yep, definitely mine are going for a ‘check up’. kwanza this sato. lakini sio ati unitoe rangi hivyo…LOL!

    thursday moja hivyo hivyo tu kaa yako.

  6. @pointi….thanks! Pia mimi, mchongwano aint my thing.

    @archer….tihihihihi! It seems you cant count. I saw your comment. As for your dreads, seems your mum aint the only one doing so. Kwanza with recent events, ‘innocent’ jamaaz in Nai with dreads are trembling lest they are mistaken for being the latest menace.

    @inexes….who is the stalker? Ebu tia zii babaishaing me!


    @aco….you better. I have been waiting for that pic sijui mpaka when. Edu harakisha.

    @3N….you don’t worry. Next will be the cleavage. I am sure that will send people clicking like they have never clicked before. Au? 😉

    @modoathii…..aaahhhh, someone had to say something. Afterall, what are friends for? We are friends, innit?!

  7. Dreaddi fiti!! Saa iki kinywele kiangu nikifanyie nini yani!! Leo sitaleta za mguu…lakini ziko kwa stoo….Rump+Mguu+part ya juu ya kichwa….In three days…I sey si tutakujua soon…Keep em coming…

  8. @bantutu…thanks! I am surprised that you didnt pick on them like my foot. Not to worry though…more pieces of me kesho!

    @kirima….is that so? what are you trying to say? 😉

  9. sasa nyinyi wakenya mnabonga nini juu ya dready?hehe,anyways,been in the journey too and being in asia makes it hard to get products but am on still and its been a long 14 months journey

  10. love the dreads c u pitiae jeri sometime uone zangu’am trying to saw them together to achieve a nice thickness jo ni konda sana.

  11. Dude, that’s not the same person. I know because the one below, in the orange scarf is me like 3 years ago… I have to forehead and the scar to prove it. Wach kudanganya watu maze. And that hairband, I got from Ebrahims, and threw it away almost immediately. Where did you get this photo anyway? And if you still insist it is you, where was it taken?

    1. Njeri, just seeing your comment now and I can confirm that it is indeed me. There are no scars on my forehead and the orange thing you think is a scarf a t-shirt. Please put up your photo here if you think this is your photo that I supposedly stole and put up on my blog.

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