Separation Anxiety

As a parent, this is an emotion that will never ever go away.

Separation anxiety is an emotion that you will never be prepared for, as it hits you like a ton of bricks on your heart.

This week it hit me as my eldest (yes, I have two kids now) started proper school. He used to go to nursery since he was 3, but this is now different. Going through the whole application process, waiting to hear if you got your first choice of school, visiting the school and meeting the teachers, waiting for Autumn to start and buying the school uniform. This is an emotional rollercoaster that lasts months and when the time comes when your little one dresses up in his new uniform, puts on his book bag, you take him to school and sign him in and all you get is, “OK, bye!” And off he goes to play with his old and new friends in a new environment like nothing has changed. The tears that follow are not from your growing child, but from you, as you can’t believe how fast the time flown.

Wasn’t it just the other day that your were carrying him in your belly and then in your arms? Bringing him home from the hospital.

And now…you get this sense of new found independence that shocks you into the reality that, they are never babies for long.

So if you have kids, enjoy and embrace the moments. Blink and you will wonder where all the time has gone.


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