If you like the 'stupidity' and hilarity of the Wayans Brothers and their movies, then you are going to like this one. Afterall, laughter is the best medicine.

Little Man – Directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans.

I watched White Chicks and that movie was hilarious. I am sure this one will not disappoint. 😀


Sidebar: I know this one may or will never be seen in a UK theater, so I will have to wait for the DVD and hint towards the KBW members in Stato 😉 😉 to make is a belated B-Day gift to me or an early Christmas gift to the 'Licious 😉



  1. Tee hee, white chicks was a fogothari movie, i still dont know what to make of it or these wayan brodas..ill download this new one and see what its like vile i dont think its worth a trip to the cinema..

    True….it may not be worth a trip to the cinema, lakini nothing beats a full house of laughter.

  2. it has potenshio. my b-day is on the 25th. so what do you want for the bash?

    LOL @ potenshio. Right, ebu we organise that e-bash and pronto. Have you got the guestlist? 😛

  3. how could u hate it with a line like

    "once u go black ur gonna need a wheel chair" then u see a white chick in a wheelchair shouting "hi leroy!"

    lerooy and his fetish for white chicks was so funny yaani at the end when he discovered that marlon was dude that wasnt half as bad as him being a black person…"didnt u know this was an all white party??"

    pure classic cant wait for lil man

    White Chicks was funny. The scene I remember the most is where the two dudes were smelling knickers and they belonged to the Wayans. LOL! Can't wait for this one too!

  4. Dave Chapelle's Black Party is a very good movie.It is nice,laid back and was Chapelle at his best before the paranoia and madness checked in!I highly recommend it but I dont know if it is out on dvd…

    It sure looks good……kwanza his impression of Lil' Jon is the killer – YYEEEEEAAAHHH!!!! LOL LMAO 😀  Ebu holla when it comes out on DVD.

    Wats up Mocha? Was on Kensoc and was checking out the rugby gig flyers and happened to come across your name. So you is a DJ or an aspiring one? Whichever kudos! Only wish i could tokea to the bash but dammit got exams!! Anyhow nice blog right hurr! And the photos, wacha tu… makes me wana hamia MK!

    Dangerously shy..walapaz you? Ati you bday is kesho as in 25th may? HAppy Birthday! Mine is 26th..damn aki nimezeeka..need to get hitched asap!..Tehehe..nice seeing you peeps around!

    WWOOOIIIII Qute! Haki huku ndio tuko sisi these days. Mambo za forum kinda did my head in and besides, here I can rant and rave coz its ma house….YOU DIG!?! Its a shame you will not come out rugby weekend…all the same, good luck with your exam. Thanks for your belated wish! Ohh…..yah, I am aspiring to be a Dj. Wacha I try and rep. Kenyan mamis huku, ama?

    Birthday ya D-Shy si kesho!

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